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Program Schedule

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Our schedule can be provided in larger print, braille, or as an audio file.

Program Schedule
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Archived Programs

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Special Programming

Special Programming

Low Vision Support Groups

The Marshfield Council on Aging, Duxbury Senior Center, Kingston Council on Aging, the Plymouth Center for Active Living, and the Talking Information Center have teamed up to host a low vision support group at TIC Studios in Marshfield. 

The goal of this initiative is to provide a space for individuals with a visual impairment to gather and share information. These meetings are broadcast live so that those who are unable to attend a low vision support group still have access to the pertinent and important information being discussed. 

Click the button below to hear the recent meeting!

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Radio Plays

TIC is proud to present... The Radio and Podcast Players!

Our theater productions bring live theater to those who may not have access to it otherwise due to accessibility, transportation or financial issues and bring our audience of over 30,000 fresh, new and exciting content!

All of our radio plays are performed by TIC's Radio and Podcast Players - a talented group of volunteers that we call "The RAPPers".

We are thrilled to have volunteer director Laura Kerrigan leading this programming, alongside TIC Producer John Shea. Their combined efforts allow TIC to bring the magic of old time radio to our listeners.

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Community Partnerships

We partner with various organizations across the state of Massachusetts, providing unique and individualized internships. We partner with and host various interns from Bridgewater State University, Department of Developmental Services, The Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, North River Collaborative, Pilgrim Area Collaborative, and Silver Lake Regional High School. 

Interested in becoming a community partner? Contact us to learn more about this program today!

Click the button below to hear about our most recent internship program!

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To inquire about obtaining a recording of a specific program or broadcast, please call TIC at 781-834-4400.

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